The best pepper spray for single women


There may just come a time when you get to travel alone or to live alone somewhere new. While being independent is a great experience, it does have a few dangers too for those who aren't well prepared. This is even truer for women who are unaware of how to take care of themselves. That being said, carrying the best pepper spray with you can prove really effective in preventing harm and can provide them with enough time to escape their assailants. Pepper spray is quite a common product as far as women are concerned since it is cheap and really effective.

Before you buy just any pepper spray, it's important for you to understand the various types that are out there and learn all of their advantages and disadvantages too. First there are foggers which are effective and common for when it comes to long distance protection. They can be quite effective when you are being attacked by multiple attacker. The only disadvantage of these sprays is that they may just blow into the face of the sprayer if there are winds. The droplets take some time for dispersing too which makes the sprayed area uninhabitable.

The next type is the foam spray. These products are very effective when it comes to close range attacks. The ingredients with this spray stick to the part of the body where they were sprayed. By rubbing the foam, the stinging only gets worse since the ingredients get into the skin once they are rubbed. Back sprays are very unlikely here since the foam sticks to the attacker and is so heavy that the wind can't sweep it away.

Stream sprays is the third option and is very effective in longer distances. They usually come in much smaller sizes. The spray pattern here is conical and it can cover the entire head of a person. The effects are immediate too and could easily choke an attacker who inhales the mist inadvertently. It leads to


an uncontrollable cough as well.

Choosing the type of spray to use will depend on the situation in which you are going to be in. In the case of single women who are on the move frequently, stream sprays are the best especially if they are trekking or hiking. In work, a cone spray is the most effective and it can easily fit in a purse. Some sprays look like normal lipsticks too which can easily be used to mask the spray. Just remember which one is the correct one.

The best pepper spray for windy conditions

Pepper spray is a portable self-defense product which has quite a few benefits. It is available in a number of sizes, containers and formulations strengths.

There are a couple of units by which the effectiveness of a pepper spray can be measured, the 1st is SHU's (Scoville Heat Units). All organic peppers have ranges of 0 - 300000 Scoville heat units (SHU's). The main ingredient in pepper sprays is OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) which is basically the concentrated oil that is extracted from a pepper. When undiluted, it can reach ratings of as much as 15 million SHU's. The pepper species which is used for making the spray will be what determines its capacity for heat generation.

The higher the SHU, the better the pepper spray will be. Have you ever tried eating a hot pepper? There are some which will only cause slight burning sensations and others may make your eyes water. These sprays are all created in the same way, that's why it is important that you choose a good manufacturers. The best pepper sprays all have at least two million SHU's.

The second thing to see when choosing pepper sprays is the amount of OC in it. Even though the percentage isn't really going to change the level of heat, it will control how fast the spray can penetrate. This percentage will indicate the thickness of the formulation. A lower percentage will result in quick penetration which means your assailant will be affected quicker. But, these lower percentage sprays also dissolve quickly which means the recovery time will be lesser too. A good percentage would be anything between 10 and 18%. This will give you a spray that works quickly and doesn't have a quick recovery time.


Exposure to pepper spray will cause your eyes to shut involuntarily. It will constrict the throat and eliminate everything except basic breathing. It will even cause any uncontrollable cough and panic might set in. Even though this condition is a temporary one, it's quit debilitating.

This is why you should try to avoid getting any of the spray on yourself if you are planning on using it on an assailant. These sprays are available in various different patterns including gel, fogger and stream.

If you are staying in a windy area, the best choice for you would be the gel spray. This is going to minimize any possibility of blowback. This is basically back spray which occurs if you are spraying into the wind. You wouldn't want the pepper spray to be all in your eyes now would you.